Police Investigate Multiple Storage Thefts in LeFlore County

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Authorities say storage thefts are becoming common in LeFlore County with stolen items being resold at local resale shops.

Sheriff Bruce Curnutt says dozens of storage units have been broken into leaving some losing thousands of dollars.

"It's scattered out, "says Sheriff Curnutt, "There were many storages in the county. There were some in Spiro, Panama, Shady Point, a lot of towns throughout the county."

Kandace Bentley is renting a storage unit in Spiro to hold household items while she transitions into a new home.

"The next day I came back to put more stuff in my building and somebody else's lock was on my building," says Bentley.

A trick Spiro Chief of Police Darrell Barham says has become common in the county.

"Subject can pull into a storage area, cut the lock off it," says Chief Barham, "There's nobody seeing them use the cut, and everybody who drove by just considers that's his storage unit."

Bentley says she cut the new lock off and was shocked to see half her possessions gone.

Chief Barham says she's nearly the tenth person to report the crime just in their town.

"They took the majority of my daughter's stuff, and they just raided it," says Bentley.

Days later, she says a relative found some of her stolen items for sale at a nearby resale shop.

"I got a little bit of it back, but I still have like $2,000 worth of stuff gone," says Bentley.

Storage owners tell 5NEWS they're adding additional security, and Bentley says she's doing everything possible to make sure it doesn't happen to her again.

"I had to go and spend 30 bucks just on locks to try to keep my stuff safe, like I have two locks on my building now," says Bentley.

Multiple agencies say they're actively investigating the case and also have developed suspects. If you live in LeFlore County and have a storage unit, police recommend checking on your things to make sure nothing is missing.