Bentonville Schools Prepared in Case of a School Shooting

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With news of a deadly school shooting making headlines in Ohio Monday, schools in Northwest Arkansas say they are ready in case violence on campus. In fact, Bentonville School district administrators recently received a grant to train for these types of situations.

"The REMS training that we participated in really enlightened the district as to what we are doing that's right and then some of the things we were overlooking," said Jack Loyd, Bentonville High School assistant principal.

They improved communication with police who now have pictures of the layout of the building.

The training offers three strategies: first is flight.

"You put as much distance from you and the perpetrator that you possibly can," said Loyd.

Second is barricade where students go into the nearest classroom, teachers cover windows, and lock doors. The last step if the shooter is near is fight.

"Throw books, the chairs, anything that you can do from shooting and doing what they want to do," said Loyd.

Bentonville counselor Leslie Pappas said they look at pictures and things students say.

"We have to be able to distinguish to a certain degree how much of a threat is this person was this person just joking, does this person have a history behind," said Pappas.

Pappas says the first thing is to remove the threat.

"If the student I believe is a threat to him or herself or someone else I communicate that the student will probably need to go home," said Pappas.

Counselors and administrators also say there isn't a stereotype or profile of "the school shooter," but a plan is key.

"That's what the training did for us, it tells us what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and what to do next and I feel very prepared," said Jack Loyd.

BHS students have also trained in practice drills and lockdowns. Fayetteville Public Schools said they've also trained teachers and students.