Liberty Holds Fundraiser for Town’s First Tornado Siren

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Before storm season approaches, the volunteer fire department in Liberty, Oklahoma is hoping to raise enough money to buy the town's very first tornado siren.

"For the past four years, we've been raising money for a tornado siren for the Liberty community, and we're hoping to have a siren in by this tornado season," says Liberty Volunteer Fire Chief Dave Richards.

Saturday the Liberty Volunteer Fire Department hosted what they hope will be their final fundraiser for the very first tornado siren.

"We need it,” says resident George Sutton, “We need it bad."

The community gathered together at the Liberty school cafeteria for a BBQ fundraiser with all the fixings. Donated items lined the walls ready to be auctioned. The town was more than willing to help fund the new alert system.

"We're here to help raise money for the new siren," says resident Bill O’Neal.

Those who live in liberty say the nearest tornado siren is in neighboring Roland. They say they rely on the news during severe weather.

"If the TV goes down, we have no capability of knowing, so this siren right here will be put here and it will alert," says Sutton.

Chief Richards says the siren costs around $12,000. He says they have just $3,000 left before reaching their goal.

The new tornado siren will go up at the Liberty Volunteer Fire Department. Chief Richards says they'll install it themselves which will save nearly $4,000.

Volunteer firefighters say dozens of people call them during severe weather because they help open shelters.

They say they decided to start raising the money for the new siren to make sure everyone in their town feels safe.

They say they hope to order their new tornado siren this week. It will be about a month before it's delivered.