NWA Naturals Hold Fifth Annual Job Fair

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Baseball season brings jobs to Northwest Arkansas and job hunters got the opportunity to apply and interview for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals 5th annual job fair Saturday morning.

"I really need a job for the summer. I'm in school and I'm fixing to go to college, so I have to pay for all my books," Tyler Westberook, Springdale High School senior.

Westberook hopes his interview lands him a summer job.

"I'm pretty nervous. I mean I've already had one, I'm pretty sure I did a good job but I got one more to go through," said Westberook.

Others are looking for a job to do in life after retirement.

"I don't have any children at home and I just need to get out one or two days a week," said Lynda Dotson, who retired three months ago.

Many are trying to survive in a tough economy.

"It's really hard to find one (job) so I'm kind of glad everybody is coming in and trying this to see if they get a job too," said Michelle Woods.

Competition was fierce with more than 200 applicants and some remain optimistic.

"I'm really excited, hopefully I will get a job," said Woods.

After filling out applications, job seekers made their way to the interview room. The assistant director for media relations Nathan Bowen said they are looking to fill between 40-50 positions this season.

"Like ushers, ticket takers, things of that nature. They are really important to the team because they are the faces that people will see every single day when they come to the stadium," said Bowen.

The Naturals home opener will be on April 12th against the Corpus Cristi Hooks.