Parenting U: Baby’s First Birthday

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Planning your child’s birthday can be stressful.  It’s especially stressful when you’re planning for their very first birthday.  It’s really difficult to sum up a celebration of your first year of life.

To keep the anxiety down, most experts say to keep your child’s first birthday party simple.  While some parents like to go all out, the excitement of having so many people around, the first time trying cake and the noise can over stimulate your little one.

It’s best to keep the day in perspective. Your child is finishing their first year of life and it should be shared with close family and friends.   Also, don’t over-do anything. Your baby won’t be impressed with live entertainment or a $500 birthday cake, but more with the fact that you’re spending time with them.

 If you decide to have a party, make sure the focus is on the baby, and stay organized. Start planning at least 60 days in advance for what you’ll need and who you need to invite.  A few special items might be: gift bags, handwritten invitations, and a professional photographer.

Finally, just enjoy this moment! This is a big milestone for your family!

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