Brothers Arrested for Burglary

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Three LeFlore County brothers were arrested in connection with six burglaries in Spiro Tuesday night.

"Seen a bunch of cops pull up and they were screaming 'get down on the ground' and somebody come out, got down," says neighbor Dwight Shirley.

Tracy McClour, 47, Gerald McClour, 46, and Chris McClour, 44, are being held with burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance and possession of marijuana at the LeFlore County Jail.

Sheriff Bruce Curnutt says detectives believe the trio hit up half a dozen homes searching for prescription drugs and jewelry.

The men were arrested in their home in Spiro around 9:30 p.m. Several stolen items were also found on the property, according to Sheriff Curnutt.

"They would knock on the door, ring the doorbell, wait a few minutes, and then of course if nobody answered the door, kicked the door in," says Sheriff Curnutt.

The brothers allegedly targeted homes on back roads where there's less traffic.

"What they would do is one of them was driving the vehicle and would drop the other two off at someone's residence where they believed no one was home and then come pick them up after they had stolen the items from the residence," says Sheriff Curnutt.

Deputies believe the brothers burglarized at least three homes in Spiro Tuesday night and could be connected to more in the county.

"One of them there was a lady at home and in fact, when they started to force the door open, she yelled at them that she was in the home and had a gun and would shoot them if they did enter," says Sheriff Curnutt.

The sheriff says the brothers were arrested thanks to a home security system equipped with a camera that caught the suspects in action.

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