Springdale Boy Hopes to Win Rachel Ray Cooking Contest

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Kyle Collins from Springdale has entered a nationwide cooking contest sponsored by Uncle Ben's the Rachel Ray Show.

The contest requires recipes to be made by kids, for kids.  They also have to be easy to makeand healthy.

His mother Angie learned about the contest while watching Rachel Ray on Channel 5.

That's when she decided her son would be perfect for the job. "Kyle is really good in the kitchen and loves to help me chop up things and help cook, so I thought, this is what we need to do,'' said Kyle's mom Angie.

 Kyle came up with the creation for his entry, it's a dish called Kyle's beginners Veggie and Chicken wrap with Uncle Ben's Wild Rice.  The veggie wrap recipe also feature some of Kyle's favorite ingredients, including avocado, pineapple, and cilantro.

Should Kyle win, his school, John Tyson Elementary, will be awarded 50 thousand dollars, and get a new cafeteria.

Like the good chef he is, Kyle notes a few changes to the cafeteria menu could make a major difference for students.

''I'm trying to help by getting new and better food, and fit more tables in for all the classes,'' saod Kyle.

 Kyle has proven that he is comfortable in the kitchen and he's really cooking when it comes to helping others.

To vote for Kyle you can click on this link: