Student Hit By Car Near Fayetteville High

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A Ramay junior high student was hit by a car while crossing a busy street in Fayetteville Wednesday afternoon. But police say the student is at fault.

Stormy Brinkley, 16, was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center after the accident. Sgt. Craig Stout says she suffers from road rash but, no obvious broken bones.

The accident happened at the intersection ofMartin Luther King Jr.Blvd and Garland. The driver of the car was not cited. Police say Brinkley was at fault because traffic traveling east and west had the green light.

Brinkley was crossing the street because she’d been in a class at the high school. Fayetteville High School officials say students walk across the busy street during the noon hour to get lunch. Right now, the high school has an open lunch policy where students are allowed to leave.

“Primarily, it's because the size of our cafeteria, the cafeteria seating, the seating is 350 with a student body of 1,800 it be difficult with even four lunches to feed all of our students," said Principal Steve Jacoby.

Jacoby says there hasn’t been an accident like this in years. But with the addition of a bigger cafeteria, FHS will change their policy.

“We have two committees that are currently meeting, once committee is determining,” Jacob said. “The reason for that is because with the new facility that we will have will seat approximately 600 students will be able to close campus to our students."

Police say the driver was a salesman from Arizona.