Battle of Pea Ridge Celebrates 150th Anniversary

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Volunteers, living historians will reenact the Battle of Pea Ridge that took place in 1862.

“Probably the biggest battle within the state of Arkansas and maybe one of the bigger battles west of the Mississippi river,” says John Scott, Pea Ridge Park Superintendent.

Visitors will witness living history with people dressed up in uniform demonstrating the events that happened 150 years ago.

“We'll have guns out here for the first time in decades on the exact location where the artillery was at,” adds Troy Banzhaf, Chief of Interpretation.

The battle is known for turning the tide of the war which made it a union victory.

“If we would've been standing here 150 years ago we would be standing on the union of artillery line where 21 union guns that fired a 2 hour artillery at the Confederates based along the tree line,” explains Banzhaf.

The luminaries on the battlefield represent the 3,400 soldiers who never made it home.

“In which we'll light a candle in each of these luminaries,” adds Banzaf.

People traveled from across the nation to take part in the reenactment. Carolyn Richard came here from Wisconsin representing the soldiers who fought here.  She says this weather is a close resemblance of what it was like during the battle.

“People froze to death during that night between the first day and the second day of the battle because it got way down below freezing at it was sleeting and cold and just miserable."

Hundreds of volunteers and more than 80 boy scouts will take part in this weekend’s reenactment. Visit for ticket information.