Cold Case Revivers Turn Cold Cases Hot

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A group in the River Valley is turning cold cases hot as they investigate files that have been sitting on shelves for decades.

Nearly two decades have gone by since Nancy Murchison's 24-year-old daughter Lori disappeared from Fort Smith. Her case is cold.

"It'll be 17 years in September she went missing and we've never found a body, we've never found what happened to her," Murchison.

Murchison says she now has new hope after finding the Cold Case Revivers.

"I went to church and I asked my pastor to pray for me to find her before I died and a few days later this popped up," says Murchison.

Relatives of murdered and missing people meet in Muldrow, OK twice a month searching for answers with one goal in mind.

"We turn cold cases hot again," says Cold Case Reviver Political Liason Garry Gage.

The Cold Case Revivers bring awareness to unsolved murders and missing people in our area. It's something Carl Adams has been a part of more than a year. His son Stephan Adams went missing from Tahlequah, OK in 2004. Police say foul play was expected in his disappearance. Adams wants answers and to support those who are also going through similar situations.

"The reason I'm here is not only are they working on my son's case, but I want to help other people that are just starting out on the road I went down," says Adams.

Cold Case Revivers say funding just isn't available for several law enforcement agencies to reopen their loved one's cases, so twice a month they meet with a detective, begin their own investigation, and learn legal options to turn their cold case hot.

"You want answers to what was in the evidence file, you want answers that common sense legislation can correct," says Gage, "A lot of this is for the families so that we can move forward with our lives."

Although they are seeking justice, people we spoke with say they ultimately want closure.

"There's been more work done on my case in the last year than all the other seven years put together," says Adams.

The Cold Case Revivers next meeting will be Saturday, March 31. To learn more about the organization, click HERE.

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