Neighbors of Farmington Man Shot By Officer Shocked

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Neighbors are shocked by an officer-involved shooting that left one man dead in their quiet Farmington community Monday. But they say it’s not the man’s first encounter with the law.

Investigators say a Washington County detective shot and killed Joshua Thomas, 38, inside the home while investigation allegations of sexual assault on a minor. Thomas allegedly attacked the detective with a crowbar.

Thomas’ neighbors gave two very different stories about the man.

“He actually threatened to shoot my dog one time and to shoot me,” said Sheila Carter. She moved into the area back in the 80’s. She says the suspect was aggressive and tried to control the neighborhood.

“He insisted that you know you couldn’t come down to this end of the street and walk your dog,” Carter said.

Other neighbors say they know a different man.

“He would just talk you know seemed like a really nice guy,” said Lauren Shelley. “He had a big heart, because he did take in pit bulls and rescue them.”

Two different impressions of the same man. One thing nearly everyone told 5NEWS; the suspect has been in trouble before.

“He did tell me at one point that he spent 15 years in prison,” said Carter. “I don’t know if that was to scare me or intimidate me.”

One neighbor also said Thomas was in the military at some point and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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