Program Your Weather Radio

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Here are the codes for not only the transmitter but also for the specific counties that you want to program for:

Northwest Arkansas “Channel”: 162.475

Fort Smith & River Valley “Channel”: 162.550

Below is a list of the “SAME” Specific Area Message Encoding codes to program your radio

  • Benton: 005007
  • Washington: 005143
  • Carroll: 005015
  • Madison:005087
  • Franklin: 005047
  • Johnson: 005071
  • Crawford: 005033
  • Pope: 005115
  • Logan: 005083
  • Johnson: 005071
  • Sebastian: 005131
  • Scott: 005127
  • Polk: 005113
  • Delaware: 040041
  • Cherokee: 040021
  • Adair: 040001
  • Sequoyah: 040135
  • Latimer: 040077
  • LeFlore: 040079
  • Haskell: 040061
  • Latimer: 040077
  • Yell: 005149

Quick Start Instructions:

1.   Place alkaline batteries into the compartment on underside of radio. (Note: Batteries are important because they provide emergency power for the radio in case of a power outage.)

2.   Plug the AC adapter into a standard house outlet. Plug the other end of the adapter into the DC jack on the back of the radio.

3.   Pull out antenna and extend to its full length above the weather radio.

4.   Ensure the radio’s weather mode is on by clicking the switch on the right side of the radio to “ON”.

5.   Program the weather/hazard channel for your area:

  • Turn switch on side of radio to “ON”.
  • Press “MENU”.
  • Press “UP” arrow until “CHANNEL” is displayed.
  • Press “SELECT”.
  • Press “UP” arrow until you hear the broadcast of your station (Channel Code on back).
  • Press “SELECT” to save station selection.
  • Press “MENU” to close menu mode. To turn Weather/Hazard broadcast on again, press “WEATHER/SNOOZE”.

You are now able to receive weather alerts for your area and surrounding areas. To narrow the alerts to just your county, program the S.A.M.E. code (on back) for your county into the radio.

6.   Press the WEATHER/SNOOZE button to turn on the weather radio. Then press the “UP” or “DOWN” volume button to select desired listening level. (Note: Turning the volume all the way down [where no bars show] puts the radio into silent mode.)

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