Greenwood Students Served Molded Turkey

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Workers served students molded turkey at Westwood Elementary in Greenwood Thursday, according to the school.

“Today at school there was a misunderstanding about the turkey,” said Jessie Hollis, a 5th grader.

According to a message from Principal Suzy Wilson, about 20 second and third graders were affected. Students say they watched as classmates got sick. “He just laid his head down on the ground, or on his desk, and was really not active,” said Christopher Maynes, a 2nd grader.

The school notified parents Thursday afternoon through a recorded message. “We had an incident today in our school cafeteria that I’d like for you to be aware of,” said Wilson, in the recording.

The principal said they contacted the health department, told parents to keep their kids hydrated, and watch out for nausea. “As a parent you know it is concerning, but I don’t think they did it on purpose,” said Crystal Brown, a parent, “I don’t think they did it intentionally. I trust them completely and I’m just glad that I did get a phone call.”

Parents appreciate the notice. Students say they will not be eating at the cafeteria anytime soon. “Me and her are not gonna eat at school again cause of that misunderstanding,” said Hollis.

The school says they served students an alternative lunch.

The principal asked parents to contact the school and a doctor if students have any problems.

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