Rezoning Proposal Presented to Fayetteville School Board

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With the new high school teaching ninth grade the school district will have to rezone other schools.

The first proposal was presented to the school board March 16.  The proposal would keep fifth and sixth graders together and seventh and eighth graders together.

"So by keeping the elementary’s together we selected  three schools to be zoned to Holt middle school and those three schools are Holcomb, Asbell and Butterfield," says Patty Plummer, Project Manager.

Under the proposal, Butterfield Elementary students would go holt middle school instead of McNair Middle School.  But this is an issue for some parents because they will now have to travel from Butterfield to Holt, which is across town.

"It’s detrimental of middle school students that are forming relationships and the travel when you're living on Rolling hills and have to travel to Rupple Road and you can’t make it in 15 minutes morning or evening, it doesn't happen,” says parent Mandi Beesler.

Other parents are concerned with kids switching schools several times.

"With fewer transitions you see fewer problems you see fewer issues in school and that’s what was indicated to us it that we see fewer issues with social things,” says parent Shanda Sloam.

And parents at Butterfield say they won't give up on the issue.

“It’s going to be all the way to the end that we fight it," adds Beesler.

The proposal is just the first proposal presented to the school board.  Rezoning will take place in the 2015-2016 School year.

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