5NEWS Fit: Lunch Breaks Now Used for Exercise

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Lunch breaks are typically used to eat, or catch up on missed work, but a group of ladies in Bentonville use their lunch break to work out.

The Bentonville Activity Center offers “Lunch-Express Quick Fit,” a thirty minute workout session offered three times a week.

For Becca Chola, it’s a break from her accounting office and a chance to get closer to reaching her fitness goals.

"It's close. I can walk here, get undressed, get dressed within the hour," Chola says. "I just turned 50 last year, so this is my opportunity to work out and get ready for the summer. I love it. It just makes me feel wonderful."

The ladies meet here three times a week from 12:15-12:45. The class is designed to use all thirty minutes for cardio, leg workouts, arms and abs.

Fitness instructor Cathy Segur says it’s not about the time, but the intensity.

"I think I can give you a very good work out in 30 minutes,” Segur said. “A lot of people don't have time in the morning. They get off of work; they've got kids, they've got this going on. This is something that helps them jumpstart through their day. My thirty minute workout is just as hard as an hour work out."

Segur says the benefits of a mid-day workout stay with the woman long after the class ends, and Chola said she agrees.

"It makes my attitude better. I just feel great,” she said. “I don’t get sleepy like the afternoon ready to take a nap."

Chola says even after her work day ends, she still has energy.

"I work until 7 o'clock at night and I feel great. I’m not grumpy. It just makes me feel good."

The half-hour session is one of many classes offered at the Bentonville Activity Center. Classes are paid for by the month. For more information, check out the Bentonville Parks and Recreation Activity Schedule.