West Fork Teen’s Friends Hope Lesson to be Learned from Tragic Accident

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Just one day after a West Fork High School students falls to his death from a railroad bridge, his friends are speaking out.

"He never made people feel bad, he was a great friend," said Krystal Hall, Travis' brother's girlfriend.

Hall was a close friend of 15 year old Travis Cox who died after falling 125 feet from this railroad bridge near Winslow. Travis was trespassing with his brother Charles and four other teens.

"He was friends with everybody. He's popular in West Fork you know everyone loved him," said Hall.

Hall said she'll never forget the good times spent with Travis and said she will stand by her boyfriend through this tough situation.

"His brother is trying his best to stay strong for his mom and dad," said Hall.

According to the Emergency Response Team, Cox was taken by helicopter to Washington Regional. When his friends heard the news they were devastated.

"I just dropped on my hands and knees and started bawling. It was a huge tragic accident," said Charity Reed.

Reed said it’s difficult to cope with Travis' sudden death but said she's leaning on friends for support.

"We try our best not to cry. We try to handle it," said Reed.

Hall said Cox's parents thought he was spending the night at a friend's house and had no idea he was walking on the bridge in the middle of the night.

It's a bridge with no sidewalks or hand rails to hold on to and because of the danger Krystal said Travis' loss should be a wake-up call to everyone.

"Hopefully this will wake people up and wake most of the kids up you shouldn't be on the bridge just to be cool, you should be smart about it," said Hall.

The Washington County Coroner sent Cox's body to the state crime lab. Arkansas Missouri Railroad police said their investigation is still ongoing but they do not suspect foul play.