Davis “Ready to Get it On”

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One of the biggest questions for the Razorbacks this spring has been and will be the health and productivity of running back Knile Davis.

The junior is returning from a broken ankle suffered in a preaseason scrimmage last year, forcing him to miss the season.

By all accounts, he looked good in the Hogs’ first workouts of the spring, but Bobby Petrino says they really don’t know anything yet.

“It’s hard to tell a whole lot in the run game when you’re just in helmets and no pads,” the head coach said. “But you Knile’s cuts, and [his] vision looks good, but we’ll know a lot more about the run game when we get the pads on.”

Just how much contact Davis will be allowed to absorb is still up in the air.

“I haven’t talked to Coach [Petrino] about that,” Davis said. “I’m willing to do whatever. If he says light contact, that’s cool. If he says full contact, I’m ready to get it on.”

Davis was then asked, what if Petrino says no contact?

“If that’s what he wants, then I’m good with that, too.”

The Razorbacks resume spring practice March 27.