Fayetteville Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day With First Parade

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Local residents witnessed history today as Fayetteville began a new tradition; a St. Patrick's Day parade.  The parade took off down Mountain Street, turned down east street, made its way to Dickson and eventually ended near the Rowdy Beaver.

More than 20 groups participated including several law enforcement agencies, community groups, dancers, and bike groups.  Parade chairman Don Brown, is happy with this year's turnout.

"The parade is a lot bigger than we thought it was going to be, Brown says. “They say they are already lined up on Dickson Street for us so Fayetteville loves the parade."

"We are super excited,” says Parade Participant Chris Fitz. “This is the first annual parade and we are glad to be a part of it and we hope to be involved for years to come and we hope the parade goes on for years. It's a great and exciting day."

This year's parade appeared to be a success. Hundreds lined the streets, decked out in green.

After the parade Dickson street businesses kicked off the annual St. Patrick's Day pub crawl. The event started at 5:00 p.m. on the Common Grounds patio where wait staff handed out passports to each pub crawler. To get a free St. Patty's day pub crawl shirt, participants must visit all 17 businesses and get their passport punched or signed by the staff.  Many who celebrate St. Patrick's Day agree that it's all about coming together and having a good time.

"All the different kinds of people here,” says Pub Crawl Participant Bryan Peoples. “Just the camaraderie and the fun and everything that goes on out here, all the festivities."

"Everyone coming to Dickson Street and having a good time,” says Common Grounds Owner Julie Sill. “The community getting together and celebrating things."

More than 300 people are expected to participate in this year's pub crawl.  Passports are handed out until 11 p.m. and the party doesn't end until 2 a.m. but t-shirts are limited to the first 300 participants.