President Obama To Make Stop In Oklahoma

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President Obama to visit Cushing, Oklahoma.

President Barack Obama is set to make a stop in Oklahoma. The president will head to Cushing on Thursday to discuss a controversial pipeline project that could cut through the state.

It’s part of his multi-state trek to promote his energy plan. Cushing is known world-wide as the pipeline crossroads of the nation. The proposal would transport oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

As for the locals they’re split on how much the proposal would help a struggling economy.

“It’s only going to be for a time being and then we’re going to get back in the mess that we’re in,” one resident says. “We need something that’s going to be actual structure here.”

“The Keystone Pipeline is just another pipeline for us,” another resident says. “We’ve got more pipelines coming in from every direction.”

“I think it’s really good,” one resident says. “We need more jobs.”

The presidents will also be promoting his energy plan in Ohio, Nevada and New Mexico.

He’ll also attend a Thunder game during his stop in Oklahoma.