Virginia Woman Facing Charges For Hoarding Rabbits

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A Virginia woman faces several charges for keeping more than 70 rabbits in her house. Tegwyn Davis let the bunnies roam freely in her home, sitting on trash and feces covered furniture.

Animal control spent more than seven hours at the home. They had to use respirators. Officers counted 78 rabbits total. Two were dead and two were so sick they had to be euthanized.

Officers had to wear hazmat suits to enter the house,” says Wayne Gilbert with the Virginia Beach Animal Control. “So that should give you some sort of idea of conditions, they were deplorable.  It can be hard to for lack of a better word, corral them up, and take them out of the home."

Animal control says most of the surviving rabbits are in good health and should be ready for adoption soon. The homeowner faces animal cruelty charges and improper disposal. The woman's house has been condemned.