BEST START: Pediatrician Talks About Kids and Fevers

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Dr. Susan Averitt, from Best Start Pediatric Clinic in Springdale says lately she's been seeing a lot of kids come in with fevers as high at 103 degrees to 105 degrees.

"Many parents are aware now that it's important to use antibiotics only at times when they're indicated and not to give children anitibiotics any time they get sick. That's a big change over the years. Some parents will say they took their child to the doctor and they didn't do anything. It's important to know that the doctors are evaluating your child and making sure that there's not something or a certain area that needs to be addressed. They look at their lungs, throat, and make sure that the child appears physically well. If there's a need for further testing, we will do that.  But if the child appears clinically well enough, we can watch those fevers at home on a fever reducer before using antibiotics," Dr. Averitt said.

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