Park Rangers at Beaver Lake Ready for Rainfall

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Park Rangers at Beaver Lake are on alert. Alan Bland with the Corp of Engineers says a common question they get during a rain event is if they will open the spillway gates to get rid of water in anticipation of a massive rain.

Bland says they wait until the rain falls before making a decision. He speculates the threat of rain will keep people away from the Beaver Lake campsite. But the Corp is prepared to give campers a heads up if they need to move to higher ground.

“If we get as much rain as they’re talking about the lake could rise fairly quickly,” Bland says. “We’re not going to come out at 3 a.m. and tell you to move your camper but there’s a good chance Tuesday or Wednesday, we would have them move to a higher site.”

In addition to park rangers who are working overtime, Bland says volunteers will also be keeping a close eye on the situation.