Johnson Ready for Flooding

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Steady rain falling across the area has residents and officials in Johnson County on alert and keeping an eye on flood waters.

Police and emergency responders are on standby, waiting to see if the water rises. Only Ball Street had been closed by noon on Tuesday. Other streets in Johnson were passable.

Last Spring's flooding left entire neighborhoods underwater and people had to be rescued from their homes. The majority of the flooding affected mobile homes at Oak Glenn. Gene Baskin and his daughter Patricia said the water reached their front deck and this time around they are ready.

"As it gets bad I guess we'll get out of here and go to my sister in law's in Lowell," said Patricia Baskin.

Gene Baskin said he has a ramp he'll use to escape the rising waters. But he thinks this year the city is more prepared.

"It will be a better runoff this year than it was last year because Johnson has cleaned up the brush out of the creek that runs it down," said Gene Baskin.

Major Buddy Curry said he met with all city departments planning for the worst.

"We've made quite a few improvements trying to get this from happening again. We've cleared out a lot of ditches, trying to get prepared for it, we've got our boats ready," said Curry.

After last year's flood, the city also bought two Humvees for search and rescue.

"So we have that available for swift and water rescues so we can use that too. We are trying to be as prepared as possible," said Curry.

Some of mobile homes at Oak Glenn are part of Johnson's flood zone since it's near the creek. After last year's flood, the mobile homes near the creek were removed.

"They are all gone so we don't have to worry about that section of flooding. But it could come on down where there are some apartments there that could present a problem and we are going to watch that," said Curry.

Even though, the Baskins hope they are safe, they're ready in case they need to leave.

"We'll be alright I think. Hopefully we won't need to have a plan but we have one if we do," said Patricia Baskin.

Curry said if its residents are evacuated, they will use a Fayetteville shelter and their City Hall as temporary housing.