Minor Storm Damage in Sequoyah Co.

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The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning in Sequoyah Monday night. Drivers took shelter as rotation moved through Vian.

"A lot of people started to take shelter in the gas station actually and that kind of a freaked me out a little bit,” said Aaron Grusi, a driver.

Wind blew an awning at a local gas station just off Interstate 40, as heavy rain and strong winds hit the area. Some residents reported hail.

Vian police didn't have any major reports of damage Monday night.

A homeowner in Muldrow says wind blew the shingles right off her roof into the front yard and across the street. She says a screen from the window in the back of the house landed out front.

Eyewitnesses told 5NEWS the storm shook the house on S. Fargo Street.

“I mean it only lasted for a few seconds,” said Pat Harrold. “It was just, I don’t know, it was almost like a... I guess the best way I can explain it is like a microburst. It just all of the sudden blew up and then gone; that fast.”

Roland residents saw heavy rain and minor tree and roof damage, as well. One resident reported that the strong winds blew the roof off a shed and onto a nearby fence.