Some Benton Co. Resident Glad to See Rain

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Steady rain fell throughout Benton County Tuesday afternoon and it was more than welcome in Gentry.

“I think it's great, because we need it, the ground was dry until this happened, it's a nice slow rain and that's exactly what we needed with the crops, everybody loves it," says Dick Zajic.

“This is a nice rain, we need it, its slow it's not running off too fast.  Maybe we'll keep some of it and get some green out of it,” adds Delton William.

Janette Pettey was out with her grandchildren skipping rocks across Flint Creek.  She says this creek floods in heavy rains.

“Once a year it will go up over the bridge 4 to 5 feet and one time a tree bent the railing but, right now it’s not up.”

Some roads in Gentry had water flowing across them, but some cars were able to go through.

Gentry and Decatur Police say they were ready for road closures, but haven't had to just yet.

In Bentonville, Moberly Lane at Memorial Park had signs up as a precaution, because this bridge is impassable with heavy rains.