Storm Rips Off Roof, Uproots Tree

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Heavy rain and wind ripped through Sebastian County and Sequoyah County on Monday causing property damage.

Crews took down a tree on Brooken Hill Drive in Fort Smith on Tuesday. Lightning stripped the bark off of a tree. The homeowner says lightning also hit a gas line.

Rain falls inside Rick’s Tire and Auto Service in Muldrow. Businesses say Monday night’s storm ripped part of the roof off. “It was kind of still and then all of the sudden it seemed like the house kind of was cracking and popping and this big puff of wind and that was it, real quick,” said Catherine Jones, who works across the street.

Jones says the metal roof flew off, hit her building, and landed several feet away in a tree. “Our roof is not leaking as of now, so I don’t think it’s going to be too major,” said Jones.

Several blocks away on SE 7th Street in Muldrow a tree landed on a house. “Just sitting there in my room then all of the sudden I heard a big shake and the electricity went out,” said Joe Dan, who was inside at the time.

Dan says the tree landed on one of the bedrooms. Tuesday his family moved things out of two bedrooms and into the middle of the house. Dan said, “Kind of wondering why’d it happen to us, but then again you know just gotta deal with it.”

Jones already had someone out to take a look at her damage Tuesday.

The Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department says they did not have any reports of damage out in the county.