BEST START: Wet, Productive Cough Infecting Kids

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Dr. Susan Averitt, from Best Start Pediatric Clinic in Springdale says lately she's been seeing a lot of coughing kids.

"It's a very wet and productive cough. Adults and children are able to produce a cough that clears them out, but very small kids and infants are getting a cough that sounds productive and wet but nothing is coming out. It sounds like an extremely wet and rattling cough in their chest," Dr. Averitt said.

Dr. Averitt says it is caused by a virus.

"RSV is a respititory virus that is very prevalent and it hits every year. Most children have had RSV by the time they are two years old. The little babies or premature babies are the most at risk. They can develop problems with breathing, shortness of breath and poor feeding which can lead to dehydration. Sometimes we can help them and other times it may require hospitalization," she said.

There is a shot for RSV that can be used on children, however Dr. Averitt says it is very specialized. Only babies that qualify for the shot can take them during the RSV season.

"Other children, try and reduce their exposure to other sick children as well as making sure that they stay well hydrated and that they eat and drink well. If they become short of breath, show signs of weezing and aren't eating well or have any problems with their breathing, they need to be seen by their doctor right away," Dr. Averitt said.

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