Anti-Texting and Driving Group Tapes Drivers in the Act

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Don't text and drive. Get there alive!

That's the mission of a the new website The site features video recorded on high-quality mounted cameras. You'll see naughty drivers texting when they should be watching the road.

The offenders are then followed their destination and questioned by the Angela Hines the "In-text-igative" reporter.

"I ask them how do you feel about texting and driving? The second question is, do you text and drive? Often they say no and I say what would you say if I had videotape proof?" Hines said.

The video is shown to the offenders as a way to educate them and hopefully change their behavior.

The people featured on the website all sign release forms.

As for privacy concerns, it's handled by Travis Story, General Counsel for

"The issue with privacy is you're on an open road in an open public place. Therefore you a subject just like anybody else to be taped by police or sombody like"

Log on and see people from Fayetteville and surrounding areas texting away and not worrying much about that driving thing. does worry about the safety of their drivers and claims their video recording practices are safe for all drivers.

Certainly a lot safer than the people who blow through stoplights with their head buried (in a not-so-smart phone.)

Story says their video collection practices are safe.

"To do that safely we've always had seperate drivers who are focused on the road. They're not actually the ones looking for texters."

Video has been recorded all over Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

And no matter where the crews go, they find distracted drivers.

People know it's dangerous, and do it anyway.

According to Angele Hines,  a culture change is needed.

"We want to do for distracted driving what MADD did for drinking and driving,"Hines said.

That's a big order, but it's a message that has never been more important.

Remember: No silly text is worth more than somebody's life.