UA Mural Part of Earthquake Awareness Campaign

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The University of Arkansas has come up with a pretty neat way to make students think about earthquake safety. It's a 3D mural painted on the floor of Pomphret Hall.

It’s designed to look like a major earthquake hit the building. The school came up with the idea as a way to bring students attention to earthquake awareness.

Organizers are trying to let students know what to do in an earthquake: drop, cover, and hold on. They hope the mural will make students stop and take notice.

“It really catches your attention and it`s right in the middle of the room so it’s really very visible,” said Shannon Krikorian, a student. “It`s a great way of catching your attention because I wouldn`t have thought, if someone had just put up a poster, ‘okay, that`s cool,’ but to see a big giant crack in the floor is pretty neat.”

The painting is part of the Great Central US Shakeout, an earthquake awareness event.