Local Mom Reunites With Son After Three Decades

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A local mom reunites with her son after almost 30 years at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Vanessa Carr said her ex-husband planned the kidnapping with another woman.

Carr said she thought she was going to Jordan with her husband at the time and two-year old son. However, she said, when they got to the gate at a New York Airport an unknown woman said to give her Nedal and his father told her to obey.

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“I'm excited, I can't breathe, and my heart is going to fall out of my chest,” Carr said minutes before seeing her son Nedal.

Nedal searched for his mom through his wife's aunt who lives in Florida. She looked through the internet and phone books for years before discovering Carr.

Some family members were also there with signs welcoming their new relative. Then the moment this anxious mom was waiting for, her son walked out of his gate.

“I mean all I can do is run to my son and grab him and I couldn't let him get down,” said Carr.

Nedal, now 31 years old, speaks little English but his wife translated the emotions he was going through.

"Finally, he found his mother, and he likes to be with his new family, he can't explain what he is feeling because he is too much happy and nervous."

Carr said she will make up for lost time and will show him where he was born and pictures before they were separated.

"We've got a lot to do and I'm hoping that he's going to stay for a long time," said Carr.

They will be staying in Carr’s Fort Smith home.

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