Local Mom Will Reunite With Son After Thirty Years

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Vanessa Carr will soon see her son Nedal after almost 30 years. Carr said she's been counting the days since he was snatched away from her arms when he was only two years old.

This mom can tell you how long it`s been, almost to the hour, “29 years, six months, and 18 days."

Carr explains how her son was taken away from her at a New York airport. Carr said she thought they were making a family trip to Jordan. Carr said her husband at the time planned the kidnapping with another woman. The two year old boy was taken to Jordan to the father's parents house.

"She grabbed a hold of him and took him and was pulling him out of my arms.  I couldn't get through there to get him. They wouldn't let me on a plane because I didn't have a ticket and I told him, where's my ticket?" said Carr with tears in her eyes.

She said no one in the airport believed her because she didn't have a plane ticket. Carr said the dad stayed behind.

"The pain of a child being taken from you and from something that you trusted," said Carr.

This mom tried to get her child back through the U.S. Embassy in Jordan but said because of Jordan's laws, Nedal wasn't returned to her. She also said she asked Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt for help but wasn't able to get her son back.

She said Nedal's father moved to Texas and years later returned to Jordan.

Carr said her son's family told Nedal she wanted to put him up for adoption and that’s why they took him. Carr's son searched for her and his wife's aunt found her by looking through the internet and phone books. It took her years to get to Carr.

"That hour was the longest hour of my life, waiting for a phone call and I had waited so long to hear my baby say, 'mom.' All I can do is cry and he's going mom don’t cry," said Carr.

Nedal speaks little English but he told his mom he loved her and they also chat through webcam.  Now a grown man, he will travel halfway across the world to reunite with his mom.

"I'm going to put my arms around this child that I haven't gotten to. I mean he is not a baby now but he's a grown man and my life is coming in a full circle."

Her now 31-year old son will be landing at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport tomorrow around 8p.m.  He's traveling with his wife and baby son.

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