Motorcycle Experts Give Safety Tips to Riders

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This Spring weather has more and more motorcycles out on the road and safety is a concern for every rider. Every year, hundreds are involved in serious motorcycle accidents, and that's just in Arkansas. Experts from Pig Trail Harley Davidson in Rogers gave 5NEWS some safety tips for those out on the open road.

Parts and Accessories Expert Duste Craig says wearing protective clothing when riding reduces the risk of injury or death.

"A good set of boots that support your ankles, heavy soles and preferably steal tip, if you can find them," said Craig. "Long pants help with avoiding rock hits and bug hits, but it also protects you from heat from the engine."

Finance Manager, Kyle Johnson says Arkansas is a 'choice state' meaning helmets are suggested but not required for riders 21 and older.

"By wearing a helmet, you are going to prevent a lot of chances of bad accidents with damage to critical parts of your body," said Johnson.

Keeping motorcycles maintained can also prevent accidents.

"Always make sure that your tires are properly inflated, that your brakes are in good operating order, that your lights, turn signal, and horn are also in proper working order," said Craig.

Pig Tail experts advise motorcyclists to always ride with the attitude that they are invisible to other motorists, be aware of your surroundings, and always wear protective riding gear.

The Rogers motorcycle shop offers safety courses. Instruction includes tips for staying safe on the road.

"Take your time when you are on a motorcycle and check out your surroundings whenever you are riding," said Johnson. "Make sure you give yourself ample time to get where you are going. Always look out for other motorists. People on a motorcycle are not quite as visible."

If you find yourself losing control of your bike, Johnson says stay calm and do not over-correct. Use 70 percent front brake and 30 percent rear.

Sources say back in 2009, University of Arkansas Head Football Coach, Bobby Petrino, purchased a Harley Davidson Road King from Pig Trail in Rogers.

Petrino was involved in an accident on Highway 16 in Madison County near the Crosses community Sunday evening. He suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to university officials.

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