Bonnerbell Gains Momentum in Local Fashion Industry

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In a small downtown Fayetteville office, you’ll find a small new business on the cutting edge of fashion.

Wayne Bell and his partner own the business, and they're “Keeping’ it Local” in more than one way.

“We purchase most of our fabric here locally, some online. From that everything is made here in Fayetteville. Even our vintage garments are re-done here in Fayetteville and they're sold in Northwest Arkansas,” said Bell.

During NWA Fashion Week, Bonnerbell held their own ''exclusive'' fashion show and also had some of their menswear items featured in other shows throughout the week.

Bell says the exposure help a small start-up business, get on a retail roll, “When NWA Fashion Week came along that really presented us with an option to present an entire collection but allowed us the exposure to get into new stores and find new clients.’’

Wayne always felt that his designs were good, but when the owners of other stores started buying Bonnerbell products, it changed the entire fabric of the company.   He says he even ran into the owner of Lola’s Boutique in Downtown Fayetteville buying one of his blouses.

Wayne is thrilled to know that he's having success doing what he loves, because he truly enjoys making people in Fayetteville look better.  Thanks to Bonnerbell, the looks from the runway can be yours at several retail outlets across Northwest Arkansas.

The next time you need some new threads, just think Bonnerbell.  They're Keeping it Local and Keeping it Classy, one beautiful design at a time.

You can find Bonnerbell on Facebook by clicking here.