Alleged Robber Chases Customer with Hot Dog Tongs

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Fort Smith police arrest a man for attempted robbery after a convenience store clerk says he chased a customer around the store threatening her with hot dog tongs. Surveillance video catches him using the tongs as a weapon.

Police were called to J-Mart convenience store on Midland after a 911 hang-up call. When police were en route, they say they found out the call was for a robbery in progress. Eyewitnesses say a drunk man was trying to rob the store using hot dog tongs as a weapon.

Police say when they arrived, 35-year-old Renee Jackson was outside.Cpl. Steven Dooly with Fort Smith Police says Jackson is charged with two counts of attempted aggravated robbery.

"He attempted to rob the place, but really I guess nobody took him serious enough to actually give him money because of his state of intoxication," says Cpl. Dooly.

The clerk told police Jackson walked into the store grabbing his side and talking about a gun. Then, the clerk told police Jackson reportedly told her to call 911 and tell them the store was being robbed.

While the woman called police, Jackson allegedly chased a customer around the isles with hot dog tongs he grabbed from the food area. Eyewitnesses tell 5NEWS Jackson was threatening her and telling her to give him all her money.

When police pulled into the parking lot, Jackson dropped the tongs and walked outside toward them, police say.

According to a police report, officers say they could smell alcohol on Jackson's breath and his speech was slurred.

Officers say Jackson told police he was from New Orleans and fighting with his wife. The report states Jackson told police he was tired of being disrespected by his family because he always cooks and cleans and is not appreciated.

"Put me in jail," Jackson shouted as officers questioned him on the scene.

The report says Jackson told officers he wanted to go to jail to see how his family did without him.

Police say other than hot dog tongs, Jackson wasn't carrying any other weapons.

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