Deputies: Man’s Arm “Almost Amputated” from Gunshot Wound

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A man nearly lost his arm after a shooting early Monday morning, according to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies say the gunman used a 12-gauge shotgun.

Sheriff Ron Brown says the shooting happened at a home on North Lee Creek Road outside Cedarville.

Investigators arrested Jack Goss on attempted murder, aggravated burglary, and aggravated assault charges.

“Forced his way into the house,” said Sheriff Brown, “Went immediately to the back bedroom and shot Mr. Fornoff”

Sheriff Brown says Goss and the woman who owns the property recently broke up. She reportedly had a friend over. Investigators believe Goss got upset. “Miss Clark drives by every day you know, so he knew that she had a male companion down there and I believe just made him mad,” said Sheriff Brown.

Deputies say the suspect was intoxicated when they arrested him. “Therefore the investigators could not interview him til the following morning,” said Sheriff Brown.

The victim is in stable condition at a Little Rock hospital, according to deputies. Sheriff Brown says the victim will have to have reconstructive surgery on his arm.