Fingerprints Lead to Bentonville Man’s Arrest in Florida Cold Case

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Witar Luangamat, 35, of Bentonville, was arrested Tuesday for a rape that happened 17 years ago in Florida, according to police.

Fingerprints taken from Luangamat by the Bentonville Police Department during a theft investigation more than a year ago lead to the arrest. The prints were submitted to the Automated Fingerprint Identification System.

In April a detective in Florida contacted Bentonville Police when they realized fingerprints left at the crime scene matched Luangamat’s.

Luangamat is awaiting extradition at the Benton County Jail for the rape that occurred on April 10, 1995 in Volusia County, Fla., according to police. He’s charged with Sexual Battery with a Deadly Weapon or Force.