“Oh Baby Foods” Gains in Popularity

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Fran B. Free is a mother and founder of “Oh Baby Foods.”  She's been in business for a couple of years offering fresh baby food in the frozen section, but now it's all about the pouches. Fran’s goal is for you to feed your baby the most healthy foods.

Fran says that's why she gets most of the ingredients from local farmers.

“Being raised on a farm and loving food. I wanted something that was premium.”

5NEWS was invited along on the first day that the pouches were for sale at Ozark Natural Foods.

Oh Baby Foods recently came out with a brand new line of shelf-stable products, they include six brand new flavors that are on the shelf right now.

Mothers can rest easy knowing their babies are eating not just baby food, but premium baby food.

One convinced customer, Elizabeth Barr says her baby had an “Oh Baby” breakthrough.

“I brought it home and she's been kind of a picky eater, and I was trying to get her to eat a baked potato and she wasn't budging. I poured a little of the Oh Baby spinach stuff on there and she started shoveling it in her mouth. It was a beautiful moment for a Mom.’’

Fran says seeing her products on the shelf has been rewarding, “’It is thrilling. The average person doesn't realize how much goes into one package of food. The challenge and opportunities, that go into one package of food.  It's very exciting. We’ll launch in 50 new stores this month.’’

The business is likely to stay strong to, because mom and founder Fran has another baby (and taste-tester) on the way.

Remember the next time you're going through the checkout line, remember “Oh Baby Foods.”