Man Allegedly Drinking Before Fight with Trooper

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Friends of a Winslow man shot and killed by an Arkansas State Trooper speak out about the events leading up to his death.

Jennifer Kiesinger says she was friends with Chris Snyder. She claims he was drinking Saturday night before he allegedly began choking a state trooper after a traffic stop.

"If I had known he was drinking too much, I would have said not to drink, I mean not to drive, or take his keys or something, but I didn't know he had drank that much," says Kiesinger.

Trooper Michael Bowman ended up shooting and killing Snyder in self-defense, according to police.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Snyder is a level three sex offender living in the 300 block of highway 71 in Winslow.

"I did not know that,” says Kiesinger, “Didn't know he was a registered sex offender. I'm just now finding out some information."

Kiesinger says the address Washington County has is hers. She says Snyder was trying to fix up a house behind hers, but gave up.

On the Arkansas Crime Information Center website, Snyder's address is listed as the 300 block of South Highway 170, but that would put him living in the middle of Devil's Den State Park.

The sheriff's office says the state sex offender registry made a typo on the address when they provided them with the information.

According to Kiesinger, Snyder wasn't even living in Washington County.

"He lives with his girlfriend in Alma," says Kiesinger.

She says Snyder was on his way to his girlfriend's house when he got pulled over by the state trooper Saturday night.

Trooper Bowman has been put on administrative leave pending a review of the incident.