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Suspect Arrested in Haskell Co. Cold Case

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Stigler, Okla. - An Oklahoma man has come forward claiming to be responsible for the murder of a Haskell County Commissioner in 1987.

Clifford W. Eagle, 54, is charged with first degree murder in the death of Haskell County Commissioner Leo Boyd Reasnor, 49.

“I’m never gonna have my daddy back,” said Kim Stout, Reasnor’s daughter, “My kids never got to meet their grandpa. I never got to know him as an adult. I was always his little girl.”

Reasnor was found shot to death in his 1986 Ford pickup truck by his son and son-in-law on June 25, 1987, on a rural road four miles southwest of Lequire in Haskell County. He had a single gunshot wound to his left temple from a .38 caliber handgun, according to court documents.

Stout was just 21-years-old when her dad was murdered. She said, “It just shook our family to its core and we’ve never been

the same since.”

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Haskell County District Attorney’s Office held a joint press conference Monday afternoon in outside the courthouse in Stigler, Okla., to announce the charges.

Clifford Eagle

Officials say on April 18, Eagle walked into the Billings, Montana Police Department and confessed in detail to the murder. He told police had wanted to "get something off his chest," according to court documents.

“It’s unusual, but not totally rare,” said Stan Florence, Director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation.

He told police he and Johnson were on a rural road in Haskell County when Reasnor confronted them about stealing some of his property.

Officials say a second man Vince Johnson, of Lewisville, Okla., was also believed to have been involved in the murder. In 2001, he was executed in an Oklahoma state prison for the murder of Shirley Mooneyham.

Leo Reasnor

Eagle claims Reasnor appeared to move toward a gun inside the cab of his truck, according to a news release from the OSBI. Eagle said he fired his weapon once at Reasnor and believed that Johnson also fired.

He did not know who actually killed Reasnor.