Bentonville K-9 Retires From the Police Force

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A special member of the Bentonville police force retires tonight. The German Shepherd named Vik has worked with his partner, officer Will Gardner, for the last five years.

"He's no longer a police K-9, he's now my pet. It's kind of emotional but tonight will be Vik's last ride in the police car," Gardner said with tears in his eyes.

All of Gardner’s commands are in German and the department said Vik is very well trained.

He can search for suspects and detect drugs. Gardner said he trusts the K-9 with his life.

"All the K-9 handlers carry a button with them that's a door popper and we can just hit that button and our partner will come to our rescue," Gardner said.

Officer Gardner said his relationship with his K-9 is something not many professions get to experience.

"The bond that they have, that loyalty that dog has to that handler, it's incredibly special. It's amazing; I've never seen anything like it," Gardner said.

Gardner said Vik is a healthy 10 year old dog, but he's tired.

"You pretty much see the future for Vik right there,” Gardner said as Vik lies on the ground. “He's going to go home and we are going to play ball."

And as Gardner and Vik make their last drive together, the memories will live on forever.

Officer Gardner said since he knew Vik was getting ready to retire, he took a job as a resource police officer for Lincoln and Washington Junior High. Gardner said if he's allowed to, he might bring Vik for show and tell.