BEST START: ‘Very Contagious’ Virus Prevelent at Daycares

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Dr. Susan Averitt, a Springdale Pediatrician, says lately she’s been seeing kids come in with a virus they picked up at daycare, commonly known as hand, foot and mouth disease.

"Sometimes it goes undiagnosed. What I'm seeing is preschool aged children come in with a fever, maybe they're not eating very well, and parents may or may not have noticed a rash. It's caused by a virus. What it typically does is it shows a specific pattern of a rash," Dr. Averitt says.

She says the rash looks like little red bumps, similar to the chicken pox, but on their hands and feet.

"When I look inside the child's mouth I see little red bumps on the back of the throat that can be painful and tender and make the child not want to eat."

Dr. Averitt says to treat it supportively. She says this is a virus, and cannot be treated with antibiotics.

"Treat a fever with Tylenol, and push fluids so they're staying hydrated especially when they're not eating well."

She says the rash may last a few days longer than the fever.

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