Local Pro Football Player Hopes to Trade Jersey for Rock Career

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He’s a Giant of Rock n' Roll, but don't expect any “Moves like Jagger.”  Mitch Petrus of the NY Giants is a banger in the trenches, and a head-banger with a bass guitar.

He's in a newly formed band called ''Vikings of the North Atlantic.''

In the NFL off-season, Mitch does two things, work out, and jam out with his musical friends.

I asked Mitch what type of band he plays in.

“It's Alternative Rock version, but I feel like we have our own style to it. A swagger you might say,” said Petrus..

You'd expect that from a Hog, and a Super Bowl Champ.  Drew and Matt Hudgens are the more experienced musicians, but “Big Mitch” brings the hammer to each and every song.

Back in college, when Mitch stopped playing video games, music filled the void.

“I did some thinking and said. In 30 years if I'm the best video games player. Who is going to care? But in 30 years if I can be an incredible guitar player and they're singing my music. That is something to be proud of.”

The band practices at a small church in Lincoln, and they're already cut a demo.   Later this year they'll release their first album, and begin playing gigs across Northwest Arkansas.

Petrus says he’s looking to stay in the music industry after his football career ends.

“I'm looking for this to be a career after football because you never know when that is going to end. I hear the other bands on the radio, and then I hear our music and think. Why not us?  Why not?”

One challenge the group faces is that this band of Vikings has to work around the schedule of the NY Giants.

Mitch knows that football butters his bread, for now, but he still needs a little JAM.

You may not see much in common between the NFL and Rock N' Roll, but Petris says the feeling is just the same.

“When everybody is on beat and everybody is doing their own part we're still a team. When you all work together, you feel that same camaraderie that you do on a football team.”

Mitch already has a Super Bowl ring. Now there's only one thing left to chase. A Grammy.

You can checkout the band's page on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mitch-petrus-drew-hudgens/id513971503

Click here to like the band's Facebook page.

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