911 Tapes Released in Rest Stop Shooting

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Van Buren police released recordings of the 911 call made just moments after a deadly shooting along Interstate 40. A worker with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department died on the scene.

Caller: “The city worker over there. He shot him in the neck.”

An eyewitness thought the attack involved two men, but police say it was two women. Van Buren police say Patricia McClure-Hajek shot and killed a highway department worker around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Caller: “There’s a guy shooting. He just shot a guy. He just shot a city worker.”

Officers say Sharren Richards, 54, died at the scene. The 911 caller tells police to hurry.

Dispatcher: “I’ve got several officers on the way. Just stay on the line with me, okay?”

Caller: “He shot him right in front of me.”

Police say Richards was shot twice, once in the upper chest.

Caller: “I saw the city guy walk up to the door offering to help. He was gonna help the guy and he shot him.”

The caller tells the dispatcher the alleged shooter is still inside a Chevy pickup truck.

Caller: “It looks like his front bumper is dragging the ground or his spoiler. The door is open on the driver’s side.”

Officers say McClure-Hajek shot herself in the leg and was still holding the revolver when they arrived.

The suspect now faces a first degree murder charge. Police say the two women did not know each other. Officers are not sure why the suspected shooter was at the rest stop.

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