DASH CAM: State Trooper Shoots Suspect

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New video released Wednesday afternoon shows moments before an Arkansas State Trooper kills his alleged attacker. On April 21 Trooper Michael Bowman shot and killed Christopher Snyder, 28, after a traffic stop on Highway 71 outside Alma.

A dash camera inside Bowman’s patrol car shows him pull over Synder. The suspect gets out and takes off. Bowman follows.

“Get over here,” said Bowman in the video.

Over and over he orders Synder to stop. The trooper eventually catches up.

The Crawford County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office released an audio recording of an interview with Bowman about the shooting. “He asked me if I was drunk and I said no, but you are. Put your hands behind your back,” said Bowman in the recording.

The trooper says they struggled. Bowman told investigators Snyder choked him. “I can tell I’m blacking out. I’m seeing stars you know, just bright, a brightness,” said Bowman.

In the recording Bowman says he reached for his gun and fired. “I thought ok it went off and then I squeezed, I thought two more times. A total of three times,” said Bowman.

Dash camera video shows another trooper eventually arrive.

Snyder was pronounced dead at the scene. Afterward Bowman goes to the hospital to be treated for injuries to his face, neck, and arm.

Crawford County Prosecuting Attorney Marc McCune ruled the shooting justified.

A friend told 5NEWS Snyder was drinking before the shooting.

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