Special Tour Offers Unique View into Luxury Homes

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Washington Elementary School is celebrating their 125th year anniversary with a special event this Saturday, May 5.  They’re holding their 9th annual ''Tour of Homes'' fundraiser.

The Tour of Homes provides a chance to peek into some of the most interesting homes in Fayetteville.

Ashley Garcia, the Principal for Washington Elementary School is excited about the event.

“We're the first established school in Fayetteville. So it's a great community wide event not only for our school community but our community around us,” said Garcia.

One home on the list is an industrial/modern concept located near the Fayetteville Library. Words don’t do the home justice though.  It has a beautifully decorated courtyard, and it just happens to be for sale.

According to Garcia, When you tour the homes, you're also helping the children of Washington Elementary School reach their dreams.

Tickets are $20 dollars in advance, and $25 on the day of the event.

Most of the homes are located within a short drive of the Washington Elementary school campus.

“What's unique about our school is it's located in the Historic District and near Mt. Sequoyah area. A lot of our homes are historic in nature and the've been renovated with design,” said Garcia.

Enjoy the tour and remember, it's not just about touring homes.   It's about making our hometown better by supporting Washington Elementary School. It’s the oldest school in Fayetteville, still making a difference after 125 years.

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