Ladies Only Motorcycle Rally Merges with Bikes, Blues & BBQ

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Bikes, Babes & Bling, the motorcycle rally said to be the first to cater to women, will be merged this year with Bikes, Blues & BBQ. But parts of the ladies only rally will live on.

Carissa Jackson, president of the women’s motorcycle group "Chrome Divas" says she'll miss it.

“The biggest part of it is just getting together with other women who enjoy the same thing you do which is riding,” Jackson says. “You know? And just meeting people.”

After two years, and challenges with attendance and finances, organizers say they are going to bring the best of Bikes, Babes & Bling to one rally.

"When we were working on Bling it pulled focus away from Blues,” says Bikes, Babes & Bling Director Coleson Burns. “And then vice versa when we got done with Blues and were trying to get all that wrapped up we should have been working on Bling. And so we were missing opportunities because we weren’t able to focus."

Even though Bikes, Babes & Bling won't be its own rally, many of its popular events, like the karaoke competition, fashion show and vendors, will remain.

Bikes Blues & BBQ director Joe Giles says they are happy to have bling onboard.

"We really value our lady riders that come to Blues,” says Giles. “But we know that it wasn’t entirely set up for them. And so were really fired up about really being able to offer ladies something special."

While Jackson is excited about Bling partnering with Bikes, Blues & BBQ, she says the need for female focused rally is still there.

“There’s so many of us out there right now,” Jackson says. “And there’s a growing number each year of women on bikes. And it’s really taken off the last several years so I think we need it.”

This year Bikes, Blues & BBQ will be held from September 26-29. For more information visit