Lincoln Officer Who Shot Teen Won’t Be Charged

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No charges will be filed against Lincoln Police Officer Chris Williams who shot and injured Justin Hellyer, 17, on Feb. 6 in Washington County, according to special prosecutor H.G. Foster.

The Lincoln Police Department says Officer Williams shot Hellyer in the leg when he displayed a knife following a high speed chase on Rheas Community Road near Lincoln Lake. The teen denies having a knife and investigators were never able to locate it.

Justin Hellyer's mom, Cindy Barlett, said she had no idea Officer Williams was justified in shooting her son. Barlett said she's frustrated because the special prosecutor was supposed to let her attorney know of the decision before it was released to the media. Barlett said she found out through 5NEWS.

Foster completed his review of the shooting and submitted his findings to Judge William Story. He states five findings that show Officer Williams reasonably believed Hellyer ‘presented an imminent threat of the use of deadly force.’

Foster also stated Officer Williams ‘has no history that would suggest a propensity to make reckless judgments involving the use of deadly physical force, nor that would suggest a propensity to lie.’

Foster says Officer Williams also gave consistent statements, while Hellyer gave ‘several versions of the night’s events’ that were inconsistent with the physical evidence.