Nudity, Drugs Top Parents’ Complaints at Neighborhood Meeting

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Parents at Beard Elementary School are upset after they say a man exposed himself to children. Parents told Fort Smith police Monday night nudity is just one of many problems in the neighborhood.

“My son was in P.E. and there were half dressed or naked men dancing on the balcony,” said Neves.

Parents told police about possible drug deals, shouting, cursing, and fighting at an apartment complex next to the school. “We’re gonna work with that owner to try to determine if there’s some problem tenants that may need to be evicted,” said Fort Smith Police Chief Kevin Lindsey.

The Fort Smith Police Department says have had four calls in the area since January, two at the apartment complex and two at the school.

Tenants at the apartment complex told 5NEWS there is not a problem. “No ma’am. I ain’t seen nothing like that ma’am. This is a good complex,” said Aaron Reed, a tenant, “We got respect for the school and stuff.”

As for the man who allegedly exposed himself, the roommate says it never happened. He said, “My roommate said that he was outside in his shorts without a shirt on.”

Police encouraged parents to call if they see problems. “Just their presence being here and just talking has already made a little bit of a difference, so I think eventually we’re gonna get it solved,” said Neves.

Chief Lindsey says they will have more officers on patrol in the area.

Parents also discussed traffic, loitering, and graffiti issues at the school. Police plan to meet with parents again if the alleged problems persist.