Rogers Principal Wins Top Accolade

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It was an exciting day at Rogers High School as Robert Moore is named the 2012 Arkansas Principal of the Year. The ceremony was a surprise as many thought they were having a faculty meeting.

Moore received a standing ovation when the announcement was made public. Moore said he credits his staff for his award.

"It means a lot to me personally and professionally to receive this honor. But, what it really means to me is the fact that the state is really recognizing the hard work of the teachers, students and parents here at Rogers High School," Moore said.

Richard Abernathy, executive director for the Arkansas Association of Education Administrators, said anyone can nominate a principal. However, the nomination must pass a selection committee.

Abernathy said Moore shows leadership and was impressed with the decrease in dropout rate at Rogers High School.

"That's really phenomenal. It's gone from 160 to just over 50 in just a few years and he's able to make those positive changes," Abernathy said.

Abernathy said Moore’s involvement with the students is exceptional.

"He does interesting things for the kids. He'll take a pie to the face, jump on the bleachers and play the trumpet during football games," Abernathy said.

Moore's love for students is evident, as he calls them his family.

"They are my kids. These kids belong to not just me but to this whole staff and this whole community and it's my job to do everything I can to help every one of them be successful," Moore said.

Principal Moore’s award is recognized at the national level and he will represent Arkansas during the national meeting.