Mom Arrested After She Claims Child is Missing

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Fort Smith Police arrested a mother Wednesday after they say she forgot where she left her child.

Officers responded to the 3700 block of MacArthur in reference to a missing 7-year-old just before 3 p.m.

Jamie Gonzales, 34, told police she woke up from a nap and couldn’t find her daughter. Officers searched the home and neighborhood.

She initially told police that her daughter stayed home from school because she was sick, but later said she may have taken her to a school in Oklahoma.

“Gonzales appeared to be impaired and under the influence of suspected prescription medication which impaired her concept of time and memory,” a police report states.

Pocola officers found the child waiting to be picked up from the school. She’d been waiting for about 30 minutes, police say.


Gonzales was arrested for Obstructing Governmental Operations.

According to the police report, Pocola officers waited with two of Gonzales’ children until their father could arrive to pick them up.